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Gardening Tips—from Squirrels

The squirrels have lots of opinions about what you should and shouldn’t plant in your garden. It gets a bit squirrel-ly!

Props to the People Who Lived Through the Depression

What was it like to live during the Great Depression? Find out and take a quiz.

Indestructible George Washington and a Quiz

Find out how indestructible George Washington was and take a quiz to test your presidential knowledge. Did you know the White House had two zoos?

Happy Holidays

Two bits of history about candy canes and the true date of Jesus’ birth.

National Day of Something

Did you know almost every day is a national day of something?

Birds and Beach Reads

Larry dressed for the beach for this issue that went to the birds too.

Larry Dressed as George Washington and More

See a picture of Larry the Squirrel as George, and then lead all you need to know about George Washington’s rules of politeness. 

A Can-do Spirit Wins the War

Find out how men, nicknamed Seabees, built runways and more to win World War II.

Unexpected Inventions

Sometimes all you need to do is look at the world differently, and you make discovery that turns into an invention.

Is it Human or Machine?

The human body works remarkably like a machine.

What You Know About Squirrels Might be Wrong

Squirrels are all around us, but do you really know them?