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Gilly and Bud — More orphans of children’s literature

This summer I was introduced to two new orphans of children's literature. Who knew we needed more but we did. Read my review and see if you agree. Who is your favorite orphan of children's literature?

Gilly and Bud

God's Sparrows Rose supposes with Lily too

To snip or not to snip?

Take a quiz. Are you snippy or not? Join this fun conversation between Rose and Lily, characters from my book, God's Sparrows.

To snip or to not snip
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Mood Lifters

Read my picks for films and books to lift your spirits.

Mood Lifters
Rose supposes with Lily too

Zoom goes awry

A Zoom meeting goes in unexpected directions. Have you been in a meeting like this?

Rose supposes with Lily